Aladin Niazmand

Managing Director, Health Planner and Healthcare Architect

Aladin is the Managing Director of Health Projects International and Health Facility Planners. Aladin has more than 30 years of experience as a specialist Architect and Health Facility Planner.

Aladin is a Director of TAHPI, the International branch network of HPI.


Dianne Barton

Branch Manager, Head of Nurse Planning

Dianne is a Senior Registered Nurse with over 35 years of experience in healthcare and more than 30 years specifically in the planning, designing, equipping and commissioning of healthcare facilities.

Dianne is also a Director of TAHPI, the International branch network of HPI.


Christopher Hayward Brown

Associate, Head of Architecture

With extensive experience in Health Architecture, Chris manages our several architectural and health facility planning teams, taking overall responsibility for design quality and effectiveness of documentation for the procurement of healthcare facilities across both public and private client sectors.

Chris is also a Director of TAHPI, the International branch network of HPI.


Matthew Brunsdon

Head of Information Technology

Matthew Brunsdon is the Head of Information Technology at Health Projects International managing the software development & information technology teams. Matthew has extensive experience in all aspects of software design, development and project management including the delivery of several high profile healthcare projects for both Australian and International health authorities. He has over 13 years’ experience with the successful delivery of complex software solutions and stakeholder engagement.


Frances Ng

Head of Health Service Planning

Leading the health service planning team at HPI, Frances provides specialist health strategy and planning consultancy services and advice to Government authorities, public sector hospital providers, private investors and operators in the areas of capacity planning, health service demand projections, market assessment and monitoring, resource planning, commissioning and development of models of care and patient flows for health system and facility developments. She is highly capable in the coordination and management of complex specialised health planning projects across a range of geographical contexts.


Hai Sun Tan

Associate, Head of Health Planning

Hai Sun has extensive skills in handling large and complex hospital projects with disparate components, working with existing clinical infrastructure and tight delivery programs.


Alex Azzouni

Associate, QA Manager

Alex is responsible for HPI’s CAD/ BIM standards as well as document production. Alex is a qualified Project Manager and QA Manager.

Alex is also a Principal of TAHPI, the International branch network of HPI.


Hoi Man Choy

Associate, Senior Health Facility Planner

Hoi is one of HPI’s best design development/documentation Architects. He has recently been involved in several complex projects including Wollongong Private Hospital.


Colin Xiao

Associate, Senior Health Facility Planner

Colin is an Architect with experience of long-running, multi-stage hospitals. Colin typically acts as assistant project Architect to develop the initial plans. Colin’s most recent project is the challenging new North Lantau Hospital in Hong Kong.