HPI are AusHFG Experts (Australasian Health Facility Guidelines)

HPI’s staff are globally regarded as expert consultants in the implementation of Health Facility Guidelines including AusHFG and iHFG into major health projects across the world. HPI created in collaboration with international government health authorities the original modern form of ready to use Health Facility Guidelines in use by government authorities in Australasia (AusHFG), the UAEIndiaSharjahPapua New Guinea, and now internationally.

HPI’s iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines is a ready to use set of web based room data sheets, room layout sheets, 3D Revit and AutoCAD Models, for use in Health Facility Projects around the world. The iHFG – Health Facility Guidelines include parts that relate to all aspects of a health facility project including: Administrative ProvisionsHealth Facility Briefing and DesignAccess Mobility OH&SInfection ControlEngineering Services and Environmental DesignFeasibility Planning & Costing GuidelinesEquipment Planning GuidelinesHealth Service Planning Guidelines, and Wayfinding Guidelines.

View the iHFG at: healthfacilityguidelines.com

HPI’s Health Facility Guidelines are used Internationally


The iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines are used by Health Facility Planning experts worldwide in the planning, briefing, design & construction of healthcare facilities. The iHFG guidelines place emphasis on achieving outcomes which reflect current healthcare best practice in a safe and appropriate environment at a reasonable facility cost. iHFG represents patient focused, research based, modern and efficient health facility planning principles.

iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines


HPI’s staff are globally regarded as experts in the implementation of health facility guidelines into any health facility project with hundreds of successfully completed projects that comply with local guidelines. HPI has deep experience in the implementation of tools and practices into health facility project workflows that ensure the guidelines are used effectively without slowing down the timeline. One of these tools is the HFBS – Health Facility Briefing System which allows users to quickly drag in ready made guidelines to create a brief, and the HFBS for Revit Module which links the compliant brief with a 3D Revit Model & Families instantly.

HFBS – Health Facility Briefing System


Some examples of recent health facility projects where iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines have been implemented as a key consideration during the health facility design are:

Sultan Qaboos Cancer Care Centre (Muscat, Oman) uses iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines

The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre is a stand-alone super speciality hospital in Muscat, Oman. The facility is within the university campus, offering a complete range of consultation, diagnostic and treatment facilities for cancer care. The Centre includes a range of services with emphasis on cancer care such as radiotherapy bunkers, operating theatres, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, inpatient accommodation and outpatient services including chemotherapy.

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital implements iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines in its Health Facility design process.


New Dubai Gynaecology & Fertility Clinics uses iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines

The New Dubai Gynaecology & Fertility Clinics is designed for the Dubai Health Authority to be a centre of excellence and is part of Latifa Hospital. The facility will include operating rooms, fertility, andrology & embryology laboratories, ultrasound facilities and other outpatient services.

New Dubai Gynaecology & Fertility Clinics implements iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines in its Health Facility design process.




HPI has extensive experience in the customisation and implementation of Health Facility Guidelines for multiple countries including Australasian Health Facility Guidelines AusHFG, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, India and Sharjah. HPI also specialises in the Health Facility Service PlanningHealth Facility ArchitectureSpecialised Health Facility Interior DesignHealth Facility Project ManagementHealth Facility Project Briefing, and Medical Equipment Planning.

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