Health Project Briefing Professional Services

HPI’s Health Facility Project Briefing services include:

  • Access to health facility briefing experts
  • Project Briefing for large and small health facility projects
  • Project briefing documentation including Schedules of Accommodation
  • Live HFBS briefing software solutions to allow you to further refine the brief


Our specialists are experienced in every aspect of Health Facility briefing from the largest to the smallest projects both public and private.

As the developers of the HFBS (Health Facility Briefing System) software, we recommend HFBS for the preparation of your health facility brief. Over 300 healthcare projects in 10 Countries have been briefed using the HFBS methodology and tools.

HFBS is the master of design Standards and Guidelines of many Countries and is the largest host and author of Health Facility Guidelines in the world. This combination of skills enables us to offer outsourced, professional and rapid briefing for all healthcare projects regardless of type and location.

Healthcare project types include, but are not limited to:

  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Day Surgery Centres
  • Ambulatory and Outpatient Facilities
  • Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
  • Emergency and Critical Care
  • Radiotherapy
  • Mental Health

Clients can access their completed project brief’s in a range of formats including:

  • PDF, fully formatted
  • Excel spreadsheet

Live within the “HFBS” software in a simple subscription based online portal. Access our comprehensive training courses to become a master of HFBS.


Most client representatives do not know the requirements of every part of a complex healthcare facility. So, expecting them to provide a comprehensive brief is not practical.
Most designers are not experts at briefing and may not have specialist tools to do it efficiently. Tendency to brief facilities by a process of interviews simply takes too long. There are many benefits in outsourcing the briefing task, mainly time, cost and most importantly a fully compliant, professional and complete result out of the box.


Our experienced specialist Health Planners and Nurse Planners will consider all aspects of project requirements available to them prior to the preparation of a detailed brief.

The brief will include:

  • The overall project framework
  • Summary of Key Planning Units (KPU)
  • Summary of Departments and areas
  • Schedule of Accommodation (SOA)
  • Selected Project Schedules such as FF&E by type, quantity, group and location
  • Optional Room Data Sheets

Our specialists can also conduct briefing and consultation workshops for a range of project stakeholders including owners, users, operators, managers, designers, authorities and more.
The brief, if required can be refined LIVE during these workshops.

Alternatively we can prepare and issue the briefing information remotely and independently. We can either issue the briefs in electronic format or leave it LIVE on the HFBS platform and give you the password for access. Then you can refine and update it over time. One generation of revisions based on the client or consultant commentary is included as standard.

HFBS (Health Facility Briefing System) is suite of specialised software for Briefing, Design and Management of healthcare projects. This powerful web-based software suite is also the foundation and host of many Health Facility Guidelines around the wold. The HFBS Briefing Module is used for rapidly creating a project-specific brief based on the local health facility guidelines.

Next Step

Contact HFBS Technical Support and make an appointment to discuss your project requirements. One of our specialists will call you shortly after, and take you through the process.