International Projects

Lautoka Hospital


Lautoka Hospital is the second largest hospital in Fiji. This development involves the major expansion and renovation of existing Lautoka Hospital in three phases to have 305 beds.

Phase 1 includes a newbuild of 6 Delivery Suites and the theatre, Maternity Ward and NICU/ PICU to replace the existing maternity and IPU function.

Phase 2 includes new build for 4 Operating Rooms, 15 bed ICU/ HDU/CCU, Radiation Oncology, Day Oncology, Central sterile services department (CSSD), Inpatient wards and construction of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) wing and cardiac catheterisation laboratory with12 bed CCU/HDU. This phase also involves renovation inside existing hospital.

Phase 3 includes the demolition of the existing patient tower which has been investigated and is found to be unable to meet the desired current seismic code and it is not viable to renovate. Preservation of the basement and make-good works will also be part of this phase. This phase also includes expansion of existing A&E inside existing hospital.

The new expansion part of this project was designed entirely through modular and prefabricated components. The phasing is carefully considered for minimum interruption of existing services.

North Lantau Hospital

Hong Kong

This is a new greenfield public hospital project and the winner of a National tender. The new Tung Chung Hospital was developed by the Architectural Services Department of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The Design/Build contract for phase 1 of the project involved an 8 storey building comprising:

  • 160 inpatient beds
  • Operating Suites
  • Emergency Department
  • Medical Imaging Department
  • Pharmacy
  • Major Outpatient Services
  • Lab and Blood Bank
  • Allied Health Services

The hospital also included the full range of support services including Catering, Morgue and Laundry. The total construction floor area was approximately 43,000 square meters.

Project Role

Services provided by HPI included medical planning, clinical interior design, detailed design and documentation.

Simon Kwan & Associates were the lead Architectural designer for this project, responsible for the over-all design, coordination, public and non-clinical areas.

Tin Shui Wai Hospital

Hong Kong

Tin Shui Wai is a new public hospital on a greenfield site and the winning tender, organised by the Architectural Services Division (ASD). The hospital is a 14 storey building with one basement level, a total area of approximately 54, 000. The project includes:

  • 250 beds with expansion to 300 beds
  • Emergency Unit
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Operating Unit
  • Inpatient Units and Intensive Care
  • Administration, Back-of-House services and support areas

In addition, the campus includes significant ambulatory services covering Haemodialysis, Geriatric Day Hospital, Psychiatric Day Hospital, Day hospice, Day Rehabilitation and Endoscopy.

Project Role

The services provided by HPI included medical planning, clinical interior design, detailed design and documentation.

Simon Kwan & Associates were the lead Architectural designer for this project, responsible for the over-all design, coordination, public and non-clinical areas.

University of Malaya Health Metropolis


The University of Malaya Health Metropolis (UMHM) is a major initiative at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. UMHM will provide the full spectrum of medical services in a complex of over 200,000 m2 of internal space plus 3000 cars. Within this facility, 70% is dedicated to inpatient and outpatient services, while the remaining space is allocated to research, education and social or retail functions. An overhead link will connect the new complex to the existing Faculty of Medicine and University of Malaya Medical Centre.

Initially UMHM will have 400 beds, 30 operating rooms, 80 emergency beds, generous primary care as well as specialist outpatient centre. The hospital will have the ability to expand to double the inpatient bed capacity.

Project Role

Services provided include Service Planning, PDP and Briefing, Master Planning, Health Planning, Architectural and Interior Design, Documentation and Equipment Scheduling.

Penang Adventist Hospital


This project transforms the existing Penang Adventist Hospital into a modern, state of the art facility for the next 20 years.

The Master Plan includes 430 beds in a multi-stage redevelopment program, commencing with an integrated Cancer Care Centre.

Future phases involve

  • New multi-level carpark building
  • Expansion of Operating Theatres
  • ICU/ HDU
  • Catheter Laboratory
  • Emergency Department
  • Support services

A new public gallery will link all facilities at the ground level. The new inpatient bedrooms are mostly single (private) rooms accommodated in a 19 storey tower. A future tower has been planned for a medi-hotel.

Penang Adventist Hospital Cancer Care Centre


The development of an integrated Cancer Care Centre is the first stage of this major redevelopment of the Penang Adventist Hospital.
It includes 2 Radiotherapy bunkers with expansion capacity for 4 bunkers. It also includes 25 Chemotherapy bays as well as clinics and administrative areas. The facility has been designed as a stand-alone building with capacity for vertical and horizontal expansion.
It has direct links to the balance of the Hospital Master Plan, particularly Operating Suite, Pharmacy and Public Gallery to complete a comprehensive Cancer Care service.

Sunway Medical Centre


This development involves a major expansion of the existing private teaching hospital in several stages to provide more than 1000 beds. This facility will be the teaching hospital for Monash University College.

The project includes

  • 24 Operating Theatres
  • 36 ICU/ CCU
  • Medical Imaging
  • Emergency Department
  • Specialist Consulting Suites
  • Support services include new loading dock, Medical Records, ICT and central plant room

A major speciality of the hospital will be Cancer Treatment covering all modes such as Radiotherapy (with 6 bunkers), Chemotherapy (50 bays) and Cancer Surgery.

Bahrain Children’s Hospital


This new specialised Children’s Hospital has been designed for implementation in 3 stages.

The first stage includes

  • 50 Inpatient Beds
  • Emergency
  • Medical Imaging
  • Minor Surgery
  • Medical Consulting Suites

Subsequent stages increase the number of beds and operating rooms, ICU beds and extensive Specialist Suites.

The expansion will take place vertically over the Stage 1 building without disturbing the hospital functionality.

King Abdullah Medical City


The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) is a new major healthcare development to be built for the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) in the Southern Governorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The development aims to become a benchmark for excellence in healthcare and education in the Gulf Region. The Medical City will be a multiple phased, mixed use development, comprising an Academic Medical Centre, an innovative teaching hospital built in 2 phases, a state of the art Medical University Campus with Research and Conference Facilities, on-site accommodation for both staff and students and other communal facilities to create a self-sustained campus.

The design concept was to create a supportive environment for healing and learning. Phase 1 the Academic Medical Centre will offer 269 inpatient beds, 12 Birthing rooms and 11 operating theatres as well as high quality diagnostic and treatment services in four primary specialties; medicine, surgery, women’s and children’s healthcare. The completion of the development will see the capacity of the hospital increased to over 500 beds, with an academic school, a research facility, medical hotel, rehabilitation hospital and on-site accommodation for students and staff.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute


Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. The flagship multi-specialty hospital – Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurgaon, Haryana is undergoing a phased expansion to provide additional healthcare services to cater to the growing needs of the community.

The development includes a Masterplan for future expansion of the existing hospital and the design for the phased future facilities which will be fully integrated with the existing hospital.

The phase 1 development includes 170 inpatient beds, 80 Intensive care units, an Outpatient department, 7 Operating theatres, Day care and an Endoscopy Suite.

The project is challenging as there are several constraints on the land available for the future developments and restrictions in relocating the existing infrastructure.

Perfect Healthcare Services


PHS Hospital is a modular hospital, first of its kind in India.  The  500 bed hospital is being constructed in two stages, each around 250 beds.

The facility is modern in design and the operation of the hospital will be carried out in collaboration with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

The hospital has a complete suite of services including 6 Operating Theatres, 2 Catheter Labs, ICU, CCU, Emergency, Medical Imaging and generous Specialist outpatient facilities. Design accommodates the off-site prefabrication. 

The structural elements of the hospital are completely manufactured in the factory and installed at the site.  Prefabricated Modules for the various components of the facility are also prepared at the manufacturing unit in Krishnagiri , India.

The first stage of the construction program was completed in mid 2016.

Medical Village

Saudi Arabia

The Medical Village situated in the heart of Riyadh, aims to create a community of wellbeing by promoting a warm and welcoming design that encourages a healing and healthy environment. The Master plan encompasses 8 Speciality hospital towers, Education and Research buildings, Office buildings, a Hotel tower, Residential towers, a central park, a central mosque and parking facilities in the basements. The 8 speciality hospital towers range from 8 to 12 storeys in height and accommodate 120 to 150 beds each. Although each tower is designed to function as a standalone facility, there is an corridor connecting all the 8 towers together enabling specialised services to be shared.

Al Zahra Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Al Zahra is one of the largest private general hospitals in the UAE, a 132 bed hospital with an inpatient and outpatient treatment service equipped with the latest radiology and laboratory facilities.

This project involved planning the renovation and expansion of the existing infrastructure, refurbishing the Emergency Unit, Medical Imaging, Endoscopy unit, Dialysis Unit, Paediatric ICU and Laboratory to international standards.

APA Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Center

United Arab Emirates

APA Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Center is located in the opulent Jumeirah area. The building was originally a 2 storey villa of approximately 400 square metres that is now converted to a luxurious Cosmetic Center.
This project involved health planning, architectural design, interior design and MEP engineering design to achieve an impressive result.

Bright Point Hospital

United Arab Emirates

This project involved a conversion of an existing commercial building into a high quality Private Hospital. The facility has 100 beds, 3 operating theatres, 8 ICU, 6 NICU cots, 4 Birthing Suites, Medical Imaging, Consulting Suites and 2 Royal Suites. All internal areas including lobby, lifts, stairs etc have been re-configured to suit a fully compliant hospital. The facility will be fully self-sufficient with its own catering, linen, pathology and pharmacy. Public areas incorporate a coffee shop and retail spaces.

The facility provides a range of specialist services including IVF.

Etihad Medical Center

United Arab Emirates

The Etihad Medical Centre project involved an expansion of the existing facility, conveniently located in close proximity to the Abu Dhabi Airport and Etihad Plaza – a mixed use facility.  The Medical Centre is dedicated to primary healthcare delivering clinical services to Etihad Airways employees and their families including medical practitioners, paediatrics, women’s health, dentistry, physiotherapy and dietetics.

Issa’q Bin Omran Specialised Centre

United Arab Emirates

This private psychiatric centre is the first of its kind in the region to provide high quality integrated mental health care that will be a prototype for such facilities in the future.  The project will be implemented in 3 stages with a total built-up area of 10,000 square metres.  Stage 1 involves provision of outpatient clinics which includes diagnostics, therapy and day treatment, along with 20 sub-acute inpatient beds, laboratory, public amenities, retail spaces and a library.  Stage 2 consists of additional clinics and an increase of 40 inpatient beds, while stage 3 will integrate into the plan a Medi-Hotel, VIP facilities and a Mosque.

Latifa Hospital NICU

United Arab Emirates

Latifa Hospital is the premier Women and Children’s Hospital of Dubai. This project involved expansion of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with an additional 16 NICU beds, 2 NICU Isolation rooms, a NICU specific Operating Theatre and support facilities.  The construction completed in 2012 and is thoroughly integrated with the existing hospital services.

Latifa Hospital Women & Children’s Hospital

United Arab Emirates

This Latifa Hospital project expands its capacity from 400 beds to 800 over a number of phases.

The expanded facilities will include

  • New Emergency department
  • Private Inpatient Wing
  • Operating Suite
  • Critical Care Unit including ICU, NICU & PICU
  • Paediatric Rehabilitation
  • Cancer Care Centre
  • Specialist Consulting Rooms and all support services

The Master Plan for the campus also includes a Medi-resort with 250 bedrooms, Staff Accommodation and Royal Quarters. The facilities are supported by over 2000 carparking spaces.

MAF City Centre Clinic

United Arab Emirates

MAF City Centre Clinic is MAF Healthcare’s first venture. Three levels of the Deira City Centre offices have been converted to a high quality Day Surgical center. The facility has a minor operating theatre and an endoscopy suite, along with Medical Imaging facilities and 17 Consulting rooms. Two additional hospitals lifts have been added to the existing facility to support the day surgical center and future proof the expansion plans to a multi-specialty Polyclinic.

Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital

United Arab Emirates

This project involved a substantial redevelopment of the existing hospital to reflect the Mediclinic global brand and patient experience.  The improved facility will have 156 inpatient beds and approximately 100 consultation suites covering a wide range of specialties. The primary design philosophy for this facility was to create the optimum environment for the delivery of a high quality efficient primary and specialised health care in line with international standards with a design that was sensitive to the surrounding environment and urban streetscape that also incorporated sustainable design principles.

Thumbay Hospital

United Arab Emirates

This project entailed the conversion of an existing school facility into a new Teaching Hospital (9000sqm). The main health planning for hospital is a 2-storey building which consists of Emergency, Medical Imaging, Laboratory, support services and amenities for both staff and students. The upper floor includes 53 inpatients beds, 4 LDR birthing rooms, 3 operating theatres and a CSSD. A new extension block connecting to the Main Hospital is designed as a dedicated Outpatient Unit with over 30 clinics. The development includes renovation of a stand-alone building to provide a Dental Clinic with 23 Dental Chairs.


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